[Zope] problem with Zope 'start'

Jim Anderson ezjab at ieee.org
Fri Feb 13 09:55:53 EST 2004

I'm a newbie to Zope. I've read about it and now I'm trying it out.
I installed Zope version Zope-2.6.4rc2-linux2-x86
on Mandrake linux 8.2.

If I run 'uname -a', I get:

        Linux jjapc3 2.4.18-6mdk #1 Fri Mar 15 02:59:08 CET 2002 i686 

When I try to run 'start', I get the following traceback:

jja at jjapc3% Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/zope/Zope-2.6.4rc2-linux2-x86/z2.py", line 250, in ?
    from types import StringType, IntType
  File "/usr/lib/python2.2/types.py", line 49
    yield 1
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

[2]    Exit 1                        ./start

I've done some programming in Python, but I don't recognize
'yield' and could not find it in the online Python documents,
nor would I want to change anything in the Python library

Do I need to run a later version of Python? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any ideas or help.

Jim Anderson

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"""Define names for all type symbols known in the standard interpreter.

Types that are part of optional modules (e.g. array) are not listed.
from __future__ import generators

import sys

# Iterators in Python aren't a matter of type but of protocol.  A large
# and changing number of builtin types implement *some* flavor of
# iterator.  Don't check the type!  Use hasattr to check for both
# "__iter__" and "next" attributes instead.

NoneType = type(None)
TypeType = type
ObjectType = object

IntType = int
LongType = long
FloatType = float
    ComplexType = complex
except NameError:

StringType = str
    UnicodeType = unicode
    StringTypes = (StringType, UnicodeType)
except NameError:
    StringTypes = (StringType,)

BufferType = type(buffer(''))

TupleType = tuple
ListType = list
DictType = DictionaryType = dict

def _f(): pass
FunctionType = type(_f)
LambdaType = type(lambda: None)         # Same as FunctionType
    CodeType = type(_f.func_code)
except RuntimeError:
    # Execution in restricted environment

def g():
    yield 1
GeneratorType = type(g())
del g

class _C:
    def _m(self): pass
ClassType = type(_C)
UnboundMethodType = type(_C._m)         # Same as MethodType
_x = _C()
InstanceType = type(_x)
MethodType = type(_x._m)

BuiltinFunctionType = type(len)
BuiltinMethodType = type([].append)     # Same as BuiltinFunctionType

ModuleType = type(sys)
FileType = file
XRangeType = type(xrange(0))

    raise TypeError
except TypeError:
        tb = sys.exc_info()[2]
        TracebackType = type(tb)
        FrameType = type(tb.tb_frame)
    except AttributeError:
        # In the restricted environment, exc_info returns (None, None,
        # None) Then, tb.tb_frame gives an attribute error
    tb = None; del tb

SliceType = type(slice(0))
EllipsisType = type(Ellipsis)

DictProxyType = type(TypeType.__dict__)

del sys, _f, _C, _x, generators                  # Not for export

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