[Zope] Deian setup

James Hosken james at jamesho.co.uk
Fri Feb 13 10:27:02 EST 2004

J Cameron Cooper wrote:
> James Hosken wrote:
>> I'm running Debian sarge and I've just installed zope and plone, but I 
>> can't seam to login to the zope management area.
>> zope is running, I can see it at http://localhost:9673/ but I can 
>> login using 'cmsuser' and 'password'
>> I've used zope-zpasswd -u james -p password /var/lib/zope/access to 
>> set up another user and then restarted zope but I still can't login.
>> Can any one tell me what I'm doing wrong and where I can find some 
>> debian specific instructions.
> A few things to know:
> - 'inituser' (for initial user creation) and 'access' (for emergency 
> user) must be in your INSTANCE_HOME if you're running like that, or in 
> the root of your zope install otherwise
> - they must be readable by the system user running Zope
> - 'inituser' is only used when creating a new Data.fs, so delete the 
> existing one to use this
> - 'access' only creates an emergency user, and if you get access that 
> way you will need to use it to create a new manager that you can 
> actually use later
> - read doc/SECURITY.TXT
> My usual sequence if I lose a password on a new install is like this:
> go to zope install directory
> 'python zpasswd.py inituser'
> follow the prompts
> if I'm doing INSTANCE_HOME, go there and move 'inituser' over
> remove existing Data.fs
> start Zope
> open browser to 'localhost:8080/manage' and login
> Debian apparently uses a different port (which shouldn't matter) and 
> changes the name of the script (which also shouldn't matter.) I don't 
> know what else is different, but many people report problems with the 
> Debian Zope package. It may be easier to install it regularly.

Thanks, I've worked it now.
I wasn't too sure where INSTANCE_HOME was, in debian it's

Have created inituser and logged in OK and made a zope user.
I've just added a plone site, but I can't work out how to add components 
to plone. Plus only Authenticated users can see content.

What do I need to do to open up the site and add other components?

Thanks in advance

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