[Zope] Re: Ape with Zope2.7

Michael Haubenwallner michael at d2m.at
Sat Feb 14 06:27:48 EST 2004

Joseph Kocherhans wrote:

>> Could one supply information on how to install APE CVS with Zope2.7
>> and how to setup Databases for APE in zope.conf ?
> I'd stick with 2.6.x until Shane does another Ape release. The cvs head 
> is now at 0.8 and last time I tried (a few days ago) the tests ran fine, 
> but zope wouldn't start. I don't think it's in a useable state quite 
> yet. Ape 0.7.1 doesn't work with python 2.3.x

It almost works now - starting zope2.7 won't work though:
last lines from traceback are:

line 21, in ?
     from apelib.zope2.mapper import createMapper
ImportError: cannot import name createMapper

which is not anymore in 0.8 ;) Seems there are big changes underway...

Thanks for your help.


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