[Zope] ST LDAP Manager setup fails

Malte von dem Hagen m at bsdhackers.org
Sat Feb 14 07:13:38 EST 2004

Hi there,

system setup:

OS: Linux www 2.4.20 #1 / Debian 3.0
ZOPE: ver 2.6.2
Product: STLDAPManager 1.06

Problem description:

After untaring the product and restarting zope, adding an instance of the
STLDAPManager fails with the following message:

 Error type:  NO_SUCH_OBJECT
 Error value: 
   Description:      No such object 
   Additional Info: Searchbase: , Query: (objectclass=*)

I tried to add an instance in the same directory a LDAP user folder exists.

All DNs were set to 


The LDAP server is localhost and works fine, generally.
All other options stay default.


How can i fix that? I have no idea, since Google, Google Groups and
README.txt/INSTALL.txt returned no further information. 
Thanks for any affort to help me and

best regards,


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