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Tino Wildenhain tino at wildenhain.de
Sun Feb 15 04:22:17 EST 2004

Hi Jerry,

Jerry wrote:
> Hi Dieter,
> You <DM> wrote on Friday (2/13/2004 at 11:21) thus about [Zope] auto download link:
> DM> Jerry wrote at 2004-2-12 16:04 -0800:
>>>I have some python files that I want users to be able to download.  I
>>>would like them to be able to click on the anchor and start
>>>downloading.  I must be missing something fundamental in Zope or HTML.
>>>I cannot figure out how to *download* the file instead of display it.
> DM> You must learn about the "Content-Disposition" header
> DM> (search the mailing list archive).
> DM> Come back when you have more questions.
> Blatantly disregarding your closing demand, I come bearing answers. ;)
> (Actually, your suggestion was helpful).
> After searching several archives I found THE ANSWER (that works for
> me(tm)). Either this is a well kept secret of the HTTP/1.1 gurus, or
> I'm just an ignorant snake. I set the Content Type of the File in the
> ZMI to ...
> application/save
> and now all the browsers that I've tested will automatically prompt to
> save the file with the correct name when one tries to open the URI.

This is just because application/save is usually not linked to any
application. The standard (as of mime) compliant way to specify
a not linked mime-type is application/octed-stream.
content-disposition helps to specify an intended filename which is
often respected by browsers.

With File-objects in zope you can for example call a script to
modify response-headers as "precondition".

Tino Wildenhain

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