[Zope] Can two Zope installations interact?

Tino Wildenhain tino at wildenhain.de
Sun Feb 15 06:24:06 EST 2004

Hi Ryan,

Ryan T. Bard wrote:
> I have two sites that really need to be on seperate servers for both
> load balancing and security purposes. However, it would be a great
> benefit to myself and my users if I can have one Zope installation
> interact with the other installation so that I can automate some
> user processes. I still want these machines to be seperate and their
> users to maintain server-exclusive permissions. I just want the Zope
> A system to have access to some resouces on the Zope B system when
> dynamically generating some pages so that I can automate these
> processes in the background.
> To make the question more specific--if that helps--I would like to
> have one server run a script that accesses ExtFile objects in one
> particular Folder on the other server and create copies of those
> objects on the calling server on a timed basis using something like
> the Xron product.
> Should/could this be done with an external method somehow? I figure
> this is the most likely avenue available, if at all. Or will I need
> to wait for ZEO before I can pursue a solution for this situation?
> Thanks for any help offered!
Hm. why "wait for ZEO"? I think you can use ZEO right now for
this. A common usage is with DBTab (included in Zope 2.7, installable
for Zope2.6) to have specific root storage for each site and
one or more shared stores for resources you want to use
in every site. This way you dont have to copy or sync - the
objects are available instantaneus.

Tino Wildenhain

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