[Zope] Zsyncer

Brian Sullivan brians at meetingbywire.com
Sun Feb 15 14:17:28 EST 2004

I am attempting to find a solution to my problem -- synchronizing a Zope
production server to a Zope development server at controlled intervals. I
have been doing it by hand but the process has just gotten too unwieldy.

Zsyncer seems like a product that does this.

I am however having a problem trying to determine if it supports this

1) Development server is web based 
2) Production server is intranet based

What I want to do is from the intranet trigger the synchronization. The
problem I seem to be running into in playing with it is that it seems is the
server that you are synching from(in the internet cloud in my case) needs to
have tcp/ip access to the server that it is synching (not true in my case --
and I can't make this possible). The server in question though does have
outgoing access to the internet.

Is my assumption/interpretation of the Zsyncer process correct? Is there a
strategy that will allow me to what I want to do?

A secondary issue -- I want also to be able to synch security settings/roles
-- does Zsyncer help me here?

Brian Sullivan 
Courses by Wire (www.coursesbywire.com) 

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