[Zope] Zsyncer

Brian Sullivan briansullivan at coursesbywire.com
Sun Feb 15 17:17:26 EST 2004

 > > 
> > 
> > What I want to do is from the intranet trigger the synchronization. 
> > The problem I seem to be running into in playing with it is that it 
> > seems is the server that you are synching from(in the 
> internet cloud 
> > in my case) needs to have tcp/ip access to the server that it is 
> > synching

OK -- too bad looks like I will have to find another strategy.

> Yes. The source server must be able to make a connection to 
> the target server.
> ZSyncer only does "push", not "pull".  i.e. you can "upload"
> changes from one zope to another, but you cannot "download."
> > (not true in my case --
> > and I can't make this possible). The server in question though does 
> > have outgoing access to the internet.
> > 
> > Is my assumption/interpretation of the Zsyncer process correct? Is 
> > there a strategy that will allow me to what I want to do?
> If I understand you correctly, you would need to modify 
> zsyncer to be able to "pull" instead of (or in addition to) "push".

Yes I guess that is an apt description  -- I want to pull rather than push.

> This is certainly possible, and it is not rocket science - 
> zsyncer source code is pretty small - you could do it 
> yourself, and I'd be happy to answer questions if you try, 
> but otherwise I'm unlikely to add this feature anytime soon. 

I am not sure my skills are up to it --even with your help -- thanks for the
offer though.

My immediate problem is for the end of this week so even if I do poke around
I will not be able to do anything in the time frame.

> > A secondary issue -- I want also to be able to synch security 
> > settings/roles
> > -- does Zsyncer help me here?
> Depends what you need. ZSyncer currently only transfers whole objects
> - e.g. if you sync an Image, you get its binary image data as 
> well as its security settings and properties.  You cannot 
> sync these aspects individually, it's all or nothing.
> This might change in the future - I would love to be able to 
> sync e.g. security settings on a folder without transferring 
> the contents of the folder. But it would be quite a bit of work. 

Yes That is essentially the kind of thing I was thinking ( tranferring
security settings for folders without the folders themselves).

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