[Zope] Mount OS Directory as Zope DB

James Cammarata jimi at sngx.net
Mon Feb 16 20:14:00 EST 2004

Hi all.  Is there a way to mount an OS directory (*nix/Windows) as a Zope 
database?  I've done lots of Googling for an answer, but no results yet so 
I thought I'd ask here.

We use Zope on Mandrake Linux at my company and a lot of our developers 
prefer to use Vi to edit files, and absolutely hate using the web interface 
to edit files (debugging hell).  WebDAV is not totally out of the question, 
but we all think it would be cool if you could mount a directory as a Zope 

Anyway, if there is no current way to do this, I'm considering writing it 
myself.   Let me know what you all think.

James Cammarata
jimi at sngx.net
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