[Zope] Querying Unknown Properties

Murray Pearson zope at ahadesign.ca
Tue Feb 17 18:02:12 EST 2004

Newbie question here:

How does one go about discovering the attributes and attribute names of 
an unknown object?

At the moment I'm building a MySQL database with a Zope front end. My 
client will be storing Microsoft Word documents in the system (it's a 
management tool for academic reviews of submissions to a journal). I 
have a blob field in the manuscript database, and I can add in fields 
for MIME type and such if needed; but all the information I have on the 
file once it's uploaded is

<ZPublisher.HTTPRequest.FileUpload instance at 0x3d3188cc>

Now, this would be all fine and well if I knew what the properties and 
methods supported by the FileUpload object were, but I don't and I 
can't find documentation of that; I also tried iterating through the 
object to see if I could coax the information out that way:

<table border>
<tr tal:repeat="theFile container/REQUEST/Manuscript_File>
<td tal:content="repeat/theFile/name">property name</td>
<td tal:content="repeat/theFile/item">property data</td>

but it says the object does not support iteration.

So: I guess I have two questions:
(1) how can one determine the data and properties of an uploaded file?
(2) how can one determine the properties of an arbitrary object?

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