[Zope] Acquisition or inheritance ??

FLORAC Thierry thierry.florac at onf.fr
Wed Feb 18 04:56:40 EST 2004


I'm currently building a huge Zope web site, based on two main classes :
- a first one, Folder based, which handles the root of the site and many
presentation methods
- a second one, derived from SimpleItem, which is the base for every
object stored into my database (folder based or not) and handles many
thinks like security checks, special roles assignation,...

My question is : when I have to write a new method common to all my
site, is it a better practice to include it in my SimpleItem class, and
access it through inheritance, or in my Folder class and access it
through inheritance ??? Are there any drawbacks or benefits or using one
of these two methods, concerning performances, maintenance, future

Many thanks for any help,


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