[Zope] Zope 2.7 and ZODBCDA Product

Andy McKay andy at clearwind.ca
Wed Feb 18 19:33:50 EST 2004

hpinson at indepthl.com wrote:
> 1) Am I right or wrong in assuming that ZODBCDA will not work with 
> Zope 2.7, because some or all of it is a binary compiled with a 
> previous version of Python?

Probably. The source code is available, so you can compile it.

> 2) Will ZODBCDA be updated soon?  Are their Windows ODBC product  
> alternatives?  I have have never been able to get ZMySQLDA to run on 
> W2K, despite many attempts and kludges.

It's no longer supported by anyone as far as I know. Go for the egenix one.
   Andy McKay
   ClearWind Consulting

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