[Zope] Message quarantined

postmaster at teleperformance.ph postmaster at teleperformance.ph
Wed Feb 18 21:07:56 EST 2004

Scanner: MailMonitor for SMTP v1.2.2 

  This is Teleperformance Philippines E-mail Monitor
	    We're sorry TelePerformance email system cannot deliver your email
to your intended recipient.  Your email has been quarantined as a
precautionary measure due to either of the following reasons :

		1. Your email has an attachment with multiple extensions (a dot "." 
		   in the document name).  This is as many internet viruses have multiple
		2. Your email has an executable file attachment. This is as many internet
	  	   viruses have executables files (".exe")
		3. Your email has a virus that cannot be disinfect.

Email data:
From: zope at zope.org
To: steve at teleperformance.ph
Subject: hi
Scanning part []

Scanning part [document.zip]
Attachment validity check: blocked filename found.

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