[Zope] Load Balancing, Sessions and Temporary Folder

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Thu Feb 19 14:44:08 EST 2004

Florian Schulze wrote at 2004-2-18 15:00 +0100:
>I would like to know what I should do with the temporary folder in a 
>mutiple Zope with ZEO setup. Does the temporary folder also need a ZEO 

You can use the same ZEO server.

>What happens with sessions when the load balancer sends followup 
>requests to different Zopes?

When you store the session info in a storage shared by all clients,
all will be well.

>Does Plone use Sessions?

Usually not.

We use a source IP based load balancing. Thus, usually,
successive requests happen to be directed to the same
ZEO client.
But some customers (usually large companies) have proxy farms.
Then requests from the same user may apparently come from
different source IPs (corresponding to different proxies).
Therefore, we code the ZEO client id in the URL
and ensure that our front end webserver passes the request to
the correct ZEO client (in the rare case that source IP routing
get the wrong web server).


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