[Zope] Errors Creeping onto FTP Sessions

Edward Pollard pollej at uleth.ca
Fri Feb 20 18:32:20 EST 2004

I've recently discovered the most unusual thing with our FTP clients. 
Occasionally, with no rhyme or reason, they cannot retrieve their 

The log is less than helpful. 3070 ==> 227 Entering Passive Mode (142,66,6,31,199,202) 3070 <== RETR remote_icon.jpg 3070 ==> 550 Error opening file.

I'm not even sure what this means. I can FTP in with the same account 
at the command line and successfully retrieve the document.

It seems like my list of problems with Zope is growing long, I'm hoping 
someone can help me prune it.

Edward J. Pollard, B.Sc
Webmaster, University of Lethbridge

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