[Zope] Zope FTP

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Sun Feb 22 14:27:07 EST 2004

John Poltorak wrote at 2004-2-22 16:53 +0000:
> ...
>> 	Here's what I see (I have FTP running on port 9921):
>Is this on 8021 by default?


>> [ed ~]# ftp leafe.com 9921
>> Connected to leafe.com.
>> 220 leafe.com FTP server (Medusa Async V1.23 [experimental]) ready.
>Does this depend on the version of Zope?

The port depends on how you configured Zope (in the configuration
file for Zope 2.7, with "z2.py" options for Zope 2.6).

>I have V1.21. I'm using Zope 2.6.2b3

The version number of Medusa can depend on the Zope version, yes.

> ...
>I don't see any prompt at all. I can login by specifying user followed by 
>pass and then get a 230 Login successful.

That depends on your FTP client.
My FTP client has a "verbose" command. I can use it to control
whether the client should be verbose or quiet.

>When I try ls I get 
>500 'ls': command not recognised.
>What have I failed to do?

As said in an earlier message: It appears that you are talking
directly to Zope's FTP server. It is unusual to do that.
Usually, one talks to an FTP client which (in turn) talks to
the server.


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