[Zope] [Fwd: Cann't access zope]

Sumiya Sakoda sakoda at toyoake.or.jp
Sun Feb 22 17:51:38 EST 2004

>>>>> In <4038F544.9050101 at 21cn.com> 
>>>>>	Hong Yuan <obichina at 21cn.com> wrote:

HY> However, I can not access zope at the default port at 8080. It seems no 
HY> application is listing on that port, according to the netstat -l result.


HY> /var/log/zope/default/Z2-detailed.log -z /usr/lib/zope -w 9673 

Debian's default port is 9673.
try http://localhost:9673

                                  Sumiya Sakoda <sakoda at toyoake.or.jp>sS

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