[Zope] context.MailHost

Simon Forster simon-lists at ldml.com
Mon Feb 23 11:01:25 EST 2004

I'm struggling with MailHost (Acquisition?).

I've got a form which, through a PythonScript, sends me an email. This 
works fine. (context.MailHost.simple_send(...), is the call to send the 
email FWIW).

When I move the MailHost up one directory, the self same script fails 
with something akin to:

"Cannot locate object at:"

I thought that, by Acquisition, Zope would look in the current folder, 
then the parent, then the parent's parent etc until it found the 
required object (or not). Obviously I don't understand this process. 
Can anyone help as I've spent some time trying to understand where I'm 
going wrong.


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