[Zope] posting to a coreblog via email

Kate Legere klegere at kfpl.ca
Mon Feb 23 15:42:09 EST 2004

I set up coreblog and it's fine. I can post to this the regular way etc.
I've also set up an email address to which I can successfully sent email
(and checked that this works via webmail)
I've set up the blog settings to reflect the mail server, username and
password for the POP account, password for adding entries and sender
I send mail and then hit the URL at the bottom of the (moblog settings) page
manually to test this.
Nothing *appears* to happen and the blog isn't updated.

Now I haven't set up the wget yet to hit that url. Do I need to before this
will work or should it be working now ? Any ideas on where I can look for
more help?


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