[Zope] ZODB on the file system

Petter Holmström petter.holmstrom at abo.fi
Tue Feb 24 02:30:04 EST 2004


I'm sure this question has been asked before in one form or another, but 
I have not found a reply that completely answers my question. So here we 
go again.

We're trying to convince our computer department to use zope, however 
the fact that Zope stores all the files in a single datafile which isn't 
accessable through ordinary file management functions (and therefore 
eliminates incremental backups) make them hesitated.

Is there any way to run Zope completely on the file system (also when 
running ZEO)? I've tried LocalFS but it doesn't seem to work with Plone 
and Zope 2.7 (and in addition it seems to be a bit insecure). How about 



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