[Zope] Best way to create a (real estate) property in Zope?

Marc Lindahl marc at bowery.com
Wed Feb 25 16:43:49 EST 2004

You should definitely consider using Archetypes (and therefore, Plone).

On Wednesday, February 25, 2004, at 02:14  PM, Simon Forster wrote:

> While I've played a bit with Zope, I don't feel that I've got a decent 
> understanding of how it works and how I should do things. I've got ZPT 
> working and understand its concepts (although my grasp on the syntax 
> is tenuous - but that's a familiarity thing). I'm using metal too. And 
> I've got a python script grabbing form data and emailing it to me.
> All fairly basic stuff. I need to move on.
> As we run a couple of web sites for (real) estate agents (using 
> different tools), I was toying with the idea of making something which 
> would allow me to create properties (that's real estate properties. 
> I'll call them houses from now on :-)
> To keep things simple, each house will have an address, postcode, 
> brief description, detailed description, number of bedrooms, number of 
> bathrooms. We'll expand this later to include other attributes - 
> including images and virtual tours, but for the time being lets keep 
> things simple. Oh. For this example we need to bear in mind that we'll 
> be searching on the number of bedrooms and/or bathrooms (which seems 
> to be where ZCatalogs come into play. I'll look at these later - at 
> the moment we just need to know that at some point we'll want to build 
> in this search capability).
> I have 2 problems:
> 1) How should I create my houses? Should I write a product? Use 
> ZClasses? What?
> 2) What form should houses take? Folder like objects?
> To answer my own questions:
> I guess we're looking at a product here? Is that really the best way 
> to go? I want to teach myself best practices so if this isn't the best 
> way to go, please let me know. And do I _have_ to use DTML when 
> creating products?
> What form would houses take? I'm guessing they're folder like objects 
> - but my grip on this is getting tenuous. At it's simplest a house 
> would be a folder. In the folder would be a plain text file for brief 
> description, another for detailed description, another for the number 
> of rooms etc.
> But this feels wrong. Shouldn't these be properties of the folder?
> But if that's the case, why would houses be a folder like object? 
> Wouldn't they be Python Script objects?
> And then when I come to add images, what happens with them?
> See. There's some basic concept which hasn't clicked with me. I'm 
> waiting for that little <ahh />, now I understand the Zope concept.
> Can anyone help me here. Firstly, with a different way of looking at 
> Zope concepts. Secondly, with some solid, practical advice as to how 
> my houses should be built. (Sorry. Weak willed. Couldn't resist).
> Many thanks
> Simon Forster
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