[Zope] handling SELECT 'onchange'

Small Business Services toolkit at magma.ca
Thu Feb 26 14:38:47 EST 2004

From: "Jim Anderson" <ezjab at ieee.org>
> Thank you, Jonathan. Your response does help some. I have a follow up
> question, being a newbie.
> How does information get passed from javascript back to the
> my server side environment when using Zope? Just a pointer
> on where to look will be helpful.

You have to use javascript to insert the variable into a form element which
will then be returned to zope.

There is a really good tutorial on javascript and how it relates to the
Document Object Model (DOM) at:

If you are a zope newbie, but have some programming skills then this
shouldn't be a problem.  However, if you are not a programmer-type I would
stay away from this (when you start playing with javascript you have to
start worrying about supporting various web browsers - eg. Explorer,
Mozilla, Opera, Safari, Netscape, etc - which can be easy or really complex
depending on how much functionality you put into the javascript).

If you decide you are not going to pursue the javascript option, post your
problem on the list and maybe someone can address your specific issue.



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