[Zope] Strange problem about Catalog

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Thu Feb 26 14:14:52 EST 2004

Star War wrote at 2004-2-26 09:22 -0800:
>Actually I don't understand how "monkey patching"
>works, and i could not find a description in zope.org.
>I just put the folder 'ZopeProfiler' into the
>directory lib/python/products, then restart the
>zserver. ZopeProfiler did appear in ControlPanel, but
>the tabs are 'contents', 'properties','define
>permissions','undo', 'find', 'Readme', and 'Refresh'.
>And under contents, only help(ZopeProfiler). The
>version of Zope I used is 2.7. I also tried 2.6, the
>same result.

You look at the wrong place.

Apparently, you are looking at the "ZopeProfiler" product (!)
entry in "Control_Panel --> Product Management".

You should look at the "ZopeProfiler" instance (!)
in "Control_Panel" itself -- at its very bottom.
If there is not "ZopeProfiler" instance there,
something went wrong with the installation.
Activate Zope logging in this case and look into the logfile.


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