[Zope] Zope with Apache

Troy Farrell troy at entheossoft.com
Sat Feb 28 15:19:09 EST 2004

Quoth the Apache manual:
> 'last|L' (last rule) Stop the rewriting process here and don't apply
> any more rewriting rules. This corresponds to the Perl last command
> or the break command from the C language. Use this flag to prevent
> the currently rewritten URL from being rewritten further by following
> rules. For example, use it to rewrite the root-path URL ('/') to a
> real one, e.g., '/e/www/'.

In the event that you only use one RewriteRule, this has no effect.

Patrick Kirk wrote:
> Shouldn't that [P] be [L,P] ?
> http://zope.org/Members/regebro/Zope_and_Apache

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