[Zope] Server Spontaneously Quitting

Murray Pearson zope at ahadesign.ca
Sun Feb 29 11:35:18 EST 2004

I have a Zope instance running on my OpenBSD machine (Zope 2.6.1 
(OpenBSD package zope-2.6.1) , python 2.1.3, openbsd3) and it has been 
spontaneously quitting on an irregular but fairly frequent basis -- 
usually a couple of times per week.

This is obviously unsatisfactory. Does anyone have suggestions for 
improving reliability -- either detecting that the server has gone down 
and restarting it, or (ideally) having it not crap out in the first 

I am not running behind Apache, I am running ZServer directly out. 
Consequently I start the process as root to bind to port 80 and it 
switches to the zope user in the start script. Might this be the issue? 
(I have tried many times to get Apache as the front end server, but 
apparently I am far too dense to figure it out despite all of the 
HOWTOs I've read.)


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