[Zope] SSL annoyance

Mailing List mlist at negroponzi.it
Sun Jan 11 17:19:16 EST 2004

Hi, I've installed Zope 2.6.3 both on Win32 and Linux with several
different configurations. Then I've added SSL support (ZServer+M2Crypto)

When I upload or modify some file on the server it happens sometimes
(not always but roughly one time each three attempts) that the
connection "hangs", i.e. it waits forever without getting to a end.
Often the file has been uploaded or modified correctly, just the browser
doesn't recognise the transaction has ended.

The server does not output any error except when I actively stop the
2004-01-11T23:01:22 INFO(0) ZServer recv: closing channel
<ZServer.HTTPS_Server.zhttps_channel connected at
0x19aad64 channel#: 1 requests:> (0, 'Error')

Later I've installed Zope 2.7.0b4 again with SSL support. At this point
the problem seems to show up only using IE, while using Netscape 7.1
everything goes fine.

I've seen that the secure connection using Netscape goes with AES-256
while the one with IE goes with the standard 128 bit encryption.

Any idea of why?

I could put Apache in front of Zope but I've do not want to install
Apache just for that.

Thanks, Mario

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