[Zope] problem with CMFOPtion CMFextlFile, webdav

fbarsukow at fede.generali.fr fbarsukow at fede.generali.fr
Mon May 3 09:24:56 EDT 2004

Zope            : 2.4.4 beta
CMFoption       : 1.1 


i create some CMFextFile ( id= test.doc , title = test.doc , content = 
winword document) from CMFOptions product, but when i want to edit it by 
webdav protocol, my file is in read only.
I tried some solution given on the web but with no success.
I notice that in the webdav management console, my object doesn't appear 
as locked whereas a file object open by webdav protocol appears  as 
Other thing , in my zope log :
        For a CMFExtfile , LOCK header is present but......
        For a File LOCK header is present and it's good. 

Somebody can give me a solution.

thanks a lot.

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