[Zope] Put a Dtml page in a Plone's slot:main

Shane McCombs MSM at rbsc.net
Tue May 4 12:23:14 EDT 2004

Hi Paul
My name is Shane. I am Completely New to Zope and Plone (Sorry). 
I have my Plone Site Up and minor Customization complete, at this point
I am wanting to Create a Plone Document that 
Returns the result of a SQL Query. I Simply can't figure out how to make
this work, I feel like I must be missing the Obvious.
I have a working Z SQL Method that returns as simple Query. From the ZMI
the Test tab looks exactly as I would Expect, but how to translate into
I have 2 full days invested of trying to figure this out. I have found
many How-to s but just cant get them to work for me.
The Z Sql Method is located at /Plone/testodbc/testsqlmethod
The Page Template is at /Plone/testodbc/allpcs
I have been programming in various lang/scripts for 8 years... it is
frustrating being a Newbie again... Any Help / Direction or Ideas would
be wonderful.
Thank you in advance - Shane
Shane McCombs
Innovation Developer
Raymond Building Supply Corp.
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