[Zope] strange sql-results

Einar Næss Jensen einar.jensen at hf.ntnu.no
Tue May 4 12:52:48 EDT 2004

Andreas Jung wrote:

> Checkout what query is sent to your database and try the same queries 
> from the command line.
> ...very unlikely a Zope problem.
the same query using mysql command-line gives me the correct output, 
same in phpmyadmin.
the mysql log says the query sent was this:
select * from Item where ReportID=13489 AND IPage="sammendrag" ORDER BY ID

so I'm left with somethin strange in zope/zsql-method
W recently switched to zope 2.7.0, and it was after that this "bug" 
I "fixed it" by removing the "order by ID"-part.
but I still wonder....

Einar Næss Jensen
Avdelingsingeniør IT-HF
735 90750

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