[Zope] Re: Ordered Folder

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Tue May 4 15:21:33 EDT 2004

Andreas Tille wrote at 2004-5-4 10:48 +0200:
> ...
>> Zope 2.7 now comes with an "OrderedFolder" (defined in "OFS/OrderedFolder").
>> I do not know how it relates to the "OrderedFolder" product.
>Ahh, thanks for this hint.  Do you know whether there is kind of a
>"test this feature free Zope 2.7 installation"?

Try to put "OFS.OrderedFolder" (from Zope 2.7) into your "Zope 2.6").
Almost surely you must copy more things from 2.7 into 2.6.

Almost surely, it is easier to just install Zope 2.7
and try it there (this is very easy when you install Zope from source).


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