[Zope] WAP Access of Zope Site

Roger Fisher rlfisher at sprynet.com
Tue May 4 22:18:06 EDT 2004

I am having trouble correctly accessing my site from a cellular telephone.

I use Virtual Host Monster to redirect wap.mydomain.com to a subfolder in my
Zope space. Zope renders the correct method when this is accessed from an
Internet Explorer browser.  However, myroot/index_html is rendered instead
when accessed from the phone.

To investigate, I had each method return REQUEST. I noticed that the
PATH_INFO and PATH_TRANSLATED values were different:

>From IE Browser:	/VirtualHostBase/http/root.mydomain.com:80/
>From Phone:		/VirtualHostBase/http/root.mydomain.com:80:80/

It seems likely that the port number being doubly inserted is causing the
problem, and likely that it is in front of my Zope stuff. Is this an Apache
issue, needing another rewrite rule? I have only a passing familiarity with
Apache.  I think the relevant section of my apache.conf file is:

<VirtualHost an_IP_address:80>
  ServerName mydomain.com
  ServerAlias www.mydomain.com
  RewriteEngine On
  RewriteRule ^/(.*)
http://an_IP_address:9001/VirtualHostBase/http/%{HTTP_HOST}:80/$1 [L,P]

Thanks in advance for any help.

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