[Zope] Tool to create static mirror of a Zope site

Stefan Bund l-zope.z.xalan at xoxy.net
Wed May 5 05:09:37 EDT 2004

Hello Zopistas,

I have written a script to create a static mirror of a Zope site. In
reply to a question on this list, I have promised the poster to make
this script publicly available.

So here it is: Documentation is at

The script itself is at

I post these direct links because my homepage is in german. My
homepage (http://www.j32.de/) has been created using the fetchsite

I have written this tool specifically to support Zope. I used to use
wget for this task but soon got frustrated, because I often needed to
patch the generated pages. Another problem for me was, that wget would
create files with '?' in their filename. When uploading those files
to a web server, they are not accessible (of course). So I wrote myself
this tool to solve these problems once and for all. It will parse and
find URL's in CSS and JavaScript code and OBJECT params.

I would appreciate any feedback. The script has been tested on Linux
(my computer) and Windows (my friends computer), but will certainly
have many bugs. And the documentation could be better. So feel free to
ask or post any comments,


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