[Zope] WAP Access of Zope Site

Ausum Studio ausum_studio at hotmail.com
Wed May 5 08:52:43 EDT 2004

Try with another phone or simulator using a different browser. Virtual
domains work in tandem with your browser so chances are it might be a bug in
your phone's one.


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Subject: [Zope] WAP Access of Zope Site

> I am having trouble correctly accessing my site from a cellular telephone.
> I use Virtual Host Monster to redirect wap.mydomain.com to a subfolder in
> Zope space. Zope renders the correct method when this is accessed from an
> Internet Explorer browser.  However, myroot/index_html is rendered instead
> when accessed from the phone.
> To investigate, I had each method return REQUEST. I noticed that the
> PATH_INFO and PATH_TRANSLATED values were different:
> >From IE Browser: /VirtualHostBase/http/root.mydomain.com:80/
> >From Phone: /VirtualHostBase/http/root.mydomain.com:80:80/
> It seems likely that the port number being doubly inserted is causing the
> problem, and likely that it is in front of my Zope stuff. Is this an
> issue, needing another rewrite rule? I have only a passing familiarity
> Apache.  I think the relevant section of my apache.conf file is:
> <VirtualHost an_IP_address:80>
>   ServerName mydomain.com
>   ServerAlias www.mydomain.com
>   RewriteEngine On
>   RewriteRule ^/(.*)
> http://an_IP_address:9001/VirtualHostBase/http/%{HTTP_HOST}:80/$1 [L,P]
> </VirtualHost>
> Thanks in advance for any help.
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