[Zope] zope product problem

Dominique Lederer lederer at dmc01.at
Wed May 5 09:40:41 EDT 2004

that's also not the solution, but thanks anyway.
i will post the whole source, maybe you can find the problem.

On Wed, 5 May 2004 08:30:43 -0500, <zope at netchan.cotse.net> wrote:

> You have to change the attribute names in the __init__ method, not in
> the _properties construct:
> def __init__(self, id, question, responses):
> 	self.id=id
> 	self.question = question
> 	self.responses = responses

 from AccessControl import ClassSecurityInfo
 from Globals import InitializeClass
 from OFS.SimpleItem import SimpleItem
 from OFS.PropertyManager import PropertyManager

def manage_addPoll_form(self):
     Returns an HTML form.
     return """<html>
     <head><title>Add Poll</title></head>
     <form action="manage_addPoll_function">
     id <input type="type" name="id"><br>
     question <input type="type" name="question"><br>
     responses (one per line)
     <textarea name="responses:lines"></textarea>
     <input type="submit">

def manage_addPoll_function(self,id,question,responses,REQUEST=None):
     Create a new poll and add it to myself
     self._setObject(id, PollProduct(id, question, responses))
     if REQUEST is not None:
         return self.manage_main(self, REQUEST)

class PollProduct(SimpleItem, PropertyManager):
     Poll product class, implements Poll interface.

     The poll has a question and a sequence of responses. Votes
     are stored in a dictionary which maps response indexes to a
     number of votes.



       #{'label' : 'Edit', 'action' : 'manage_propertiesForm'},
     ) + SimpleItem.manage_options + PropertyManager.manage_options


     def __init__(self, id, question, responses):
         self.question = question
         self.responses = responses
         self.votes = {}
         for i in range(len(responses)):
             self.votes[i] = 0

     security.declareProtected('Use Poll', 'castVote')
     def castVote(self, index):
         "Votes for a choice"
         self.votes[index] = self.votes[index] + 1
         self.votes = self.votes

     security.declareProtected('View Poll Results', 'getTotalVotes')
     def getTotalVotes(self):
         "Returns total number of votes cast"
         total = 0
         for v in self.votes.values():
             total = total + v
         return total

     security.declareProtected('View Poll Results', 'getVotesFor')
     def getVotesFor(self, index):
         "Returns number of votes cast for a given response"
         return self.votes[index]

     def getResponses(self):
         "Returns the sequence of responses"
         return tuple(self.responses)

     def getQuestion(self):
         "Returns the question"
         return self.question


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