[Zope] Can't run Zope remotely

Takahashi, Michael MTakahashi at oid.ucla.edu
Wed May 5 12:55:04 EDT 2004

I have changed Apache's default port to 8080 and was able to reach the
server remotely.  So port 8080 is working.  Also, I am not sitting behind a
DHCP server, yet I still cannot get Zope to work remotely.  Very




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If you're sitting behind a DHCP server with NAT forwarding, make sure the
port is being forwarded correctly (ie. not only open the port on your
firewall but the NAT mapping as well).

>>> "Takahashi, Michael" <MTakahashi at oid.ucla.edu> 5/05/2004 10:00:55 am >>>


Apache was used initially as a web server.  Then I found Zope and decided to
install it.  Shouldn't I be able to access Zope remotely via
http://mydomain.com:8080 <http://mydomain.com:8080>  anyways since I can
access it locally using http://localhost:8080 <http://localhost:8080> ?
This is what I am having difficulty with.

I will try changing Apache's default port to 8080 and try that.  Any other
suggestions are greatly appreciated! 




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Insufficient information. 

What are you using Apache for? Should the answer be that is has nothing to 
see with Zope, and that it runs on port 80 its own stuff, then I would 
suspect on the port mapping at your firewall. 

To check it you use Apache. Change its default port to 8080, shutting down 
Zope for a while, and see what happens. If you are unable to reach your 
Apache server, then you have a net problem. 




>From: "Takahashi, Michael" <MTakahashi at oid.ucla.edu> 
>To: "'zope at zope.org'" <zope at zope.org> 
>Subject: [Zope] Can't run Zope remotely 
>Date: Tue, 4 May 2004 13:52:08 -0700 
>Hey guys, I am having a problem running Zope remotely.  I can access Zope 
>locally using http://localhost:8080 <http://localhost:8080>
<http://localhost:8080/ <http://localhost:8080/> > , but when I 
>try to access it from another computer (using http://mydomain.com:8080
<http://mydomain.com:8080> ), it 
>just hangs.  I am running Zope 2.7 with Apache 2.0 and have setup my 
>firewall to accept port 8080.  Apache runs fine...it's just Zope and! port 
>8080.  Any help is greatly appreciated. 
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