[Zope] Qurying a TinyTable (plus)

Philip Kilner phil at xfr.co.uk
Wed May 5 13:14:19 EDT 2004

Hi Mark,

Mark Gibson wrote:
>> Can anyone give me a clue, or point to a fuller example than those in 
>> the TinyTable docs please?
> Say you have:
> TinyTable : mytable
> Columns : mykey  myvalue
> mykey    myvalue
> ---------------
> "1"    "One"
> "2"    "Two"
> Then:
> value1 = mytable(mykey="1")[0]['myvalue']
> value1 = mytable(mykey="2")[0]['myvalue']

Thanks very much - that worked first time!

I now have: -


...so with your help I now have the bones of something I can automate.

My only problem is that I don't /really/ understand how it works! 
Clearly, process_spec(step='1') is referring to the index of my 
TinyTable. But the significance of [0] and the way in which 
['form_name'] seems to be "outside" the clause are confusing the hell 
out of me!

Anyone kind enough to clue me in?




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