[Zope] archetype difficulty

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Wed May 5 15:10:15 EDT 2004

John Ziniti wrote at 2004-5-4 15:45 -0400:
> ...
>The article you referenced is discussing the creation of
>a Zope Product, which are Python packages and reside under
>${ZOPE_HOME}/Products/.  You are trying to create an External
>Method, which is a function inside a Python module, and resides
>in ${ZOPE_HOME}/Extensions.  AFAIK, External Methods can only
>be modules, not a module ("install.py") inside a subdirectory
>("MyArticle") as you are attempting.

A side note:

  External Methods can (and should) be associated with

  Such External Methods live in "Products/<the product>/Extensions",
  the "module" spec has the from "<the product>.<the file>".


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