[Zope] WAP Access of Zope Site

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Wed May 5 16:50:24 EDT 2004

Roger Fisher wrote at 2004-5-4 19:18 -0700:
>I am having trouble correctly accessing my site from a cellular telephone.
>I use Virtual Host Monster to redirect wap.mydomain.com to a subfolder in my
>Zope space. Zope renders the correct method when this is accessed from an
>Internet Explorer browser.  However, myroot/index_html is rendered instead
>when accessed from the phone.
>To investigate, I had each method return REQUEST. I noticed that the
>PATH_INFO and PATH_TRANSLATED values were different:
>>From IE Browser:	/VirtualHostBase/http/root.mydomain.com:80/
>>From Phone:		/VirtualHostBase/http/root.mydomain.com:80:80/

Your Apache rule is not optimal.
It fails when the browser includes the port as part of
the "HOST" header.

You have several options:

 *  Use a rewrite condition to remove the port information
    (when it is present)

 *  Do not refer "HTTP_HOST" in your rewrite rule
    but use a constant


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