[Zope] Local_update problem

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Wed May 5 16:55:44 EDT 2004

Thyb wrote at 2004-5-5 10:30 +0200:
>This is a local update document I use to update news items.
> ...
>It updates the news items properly and shows a message saying it was successful. See below.
><div id="managebox">
><p>Entry modified.</p>
><p><a href="local_edit">Back</a></p>
>But the message displayed contains strange characters. This affects other parts of the web page. If I press 'Back', it goes back to the parent page and everything is displayed properly.
> Aktuᬩs informᣩ󫼯a> 
> Felvé´¥liz?k 

Was the output supposed to be in English (i.e. ASCII)?

If not, the browser may have got the "charset" wrong.
You can specify the charset via

  <dtml-call "RESPONSE.setHeader('Content-Type','text/html; charset=XXXXXX')">

If this is not the problem, use a TCP-Logger (e.g. Shane's
"tcpwatch") to analyse the communication between browser
and Zope. This should tell you which part is responsible for
the strange characters.


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