[Zope] put_factory

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Thu May 6 15:13:53 EDT 2004

Arenz, Ralph wrote at 2004-5-6 12:54 +0200:
>i've developed and registed a own python-class as ZClass and ZBaseClass
>in Zope.
>Now i want to create a new (pure) ZClass with the ZBaseClass as subclass
>and force ftp/webdav to use this ZClass for uploading. 
>If i write the put_factory for the python-class it works well, if i try
>to use the put_factory for the pure ZClass i run in trouble.

You are aware that Python (and therefore Zope) is case sensitive
and that the method is named "PUT_factory" (not "put_factory")?

>Is it possible to use put_factory in the context of pure ZClass anyway,
>and how do i have to call the ZClass constructor?

I remember that there has been (a very long time ago) a problem
with FTP and ZClasses. I am not sure whether this problem is
fixed in the meantime.

I would expect that the "PUT_factory" mechanism works at
least when the container (for your new object) is not a ZClass instance
(nor contained in one).
Note that the "PUT_factory" is looked up in the container
and not the object to be created.


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