[Zope] Authentication

Marnie King marnie.king at abs.gov.au
Fri May 7 01:25:15 EDT 2004


I am using Zope with Apache and have created a test folder under the Root
Folder.  In this test folder I removed the original acl_users and added an
exUserFolder and enabled secure cookie-based authentication.

When I attempt to access this test folder through a browser window, it comes up
with the session based login box which is all ok.  The problem I'm having is
that if I put in an incorrect username / password, it then comes up with a
second login screen (Windows) and is asking for authentication again.

Why does it do this.  I just want it to say that it is an incorrect login.  Can
this be achieved??

I hope I have explained this OK.

Any help is appreciated.


ABS Web Site:  www.abs.gov.au

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