[Zope] archetype difficulty

John Ziniti jziniti at speakeasy.net
Fri May 7 10:54:55 EDT 2004

Dieter Maurer wrote:
> John Ziniti wrote at 2004-5-4 15:45 -0400:
>>The article you referenced is discussing the creation of
>>a Zope Product, which are Python packages and reside under
>>${ZOPE_HOME}/Products/.  You are trying to create an External
>>Method, which is a function inside a Python module, and resides
>>in ${ZOPE_HOME}/Extensions.  AFAIK, External Methods can only
>>be modules, not a module ("install.py") inside a subdirectory
>>("MyArticle") as you are attempting.
> A side note:
>   External Methods can (and should) be associated with
>   products.
>   Such External Methods live in "Products/<the product>/Extensions",
>   the "module" spec has the from "<the product>.<the file>".

Interesting.  I was unaware of that ability.  In which case, the
OP should make sure that his MyArticle Product is in the correct
${ZOPE_HOME}/Products, that Zope has been restarted to load the
Product and that the Control_Panel shows that the Product has
been loaded correctly.

Dieter, can you elaborate a bit on "should be associated"?  Are
there additional benefits to doing it this way, as opposed to
sticking the script in the "primary" Extensions folder?

Thanks for the help, as always.


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