[Zope] creating zope folders and folder content

Dan Cherry dscherry at bellsouth.net
Fri May 7 19:48:15 EDT 2004

I'm pretty new to Zope & Python, and have been making my way through several 
of the tutorials.  Working with External Methods, one of the particularly 
useful pages came from the Advanced Zope Scripting in the Zope Book, and 
dealt with creating thumbnails.  Everything worked as expected, but I'd like 
to extend the concept such that , from an External Method, I'd like to create 
a 'subfolder', then create the thumbnail in the sub-folder.  When I prefix 
the thumbnail file_id with a folder name, I'm getting errors regarding 
invalid characters in a URL - (which appear to be the / characters separating 
the folder.  I'm assuming this is pretty basic, but haven't been able to find 
anything on the subject.  Any tips or suggestions on where to look, or 
possibly an Ext Method snippet which would create a sub-folder and a file 
within the sub-folder?

Dan Cherry
dscherry at bellsouth.net

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