[Zope] Zpublisher or apache?

Jaroslav Lukesh lukesh at seznam.cz
Mon May 10 00:24:54 EDT 2004

Julian Gollop wrote:
> I have been using zope for a while, but now I am thinking about moving the
> bulk of my website to zope.
> Is it better to use apache with zope, or will zope cope well enough on its
> own?
> What advantages does apache have over zpublisher, if any?

If you does not know why you need an apache before Zope, use pound 
reverse balancing proxy designed mainly for Zope. It is very good, 
lightweight, fast and it removes/reformats bad http request so your 
Zserver will be happy.


You can use flash-fast http proxy Squid as reverse caching proxy too of 
course. If you incorporate www.esi.org tags in your html (and compile 
squid with ESI support), you can get different caching times for parts 
of single pages.

But if you does not know why to use squid before Zope, use pound.



Jaroslav Lukeš

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