[Zope] Creating a Zope-site using the file system

Petter Holmström peholmst at abo.fi
Mon May 10 03:26:10 EDT 2004


I'm a bit surprised I didn't find any information on this topic on 
google, but perhaps I used the wrong keywords. Anyway, I think this 
question has been asked several times and I hope I'm not bothering you 
by asking it yet another time.

I'm creating a web application (not a site) using Zope and ZODB and I'd 
like to do all the development on the file system as I want to use 
syntax highlighting and version control. I've read somewhere that 
everything you can do with the management interface you can also do from 
the file system. How? Should I create a dummy product that creates all 
the ZPTs, python scripts, etc.? How do I debug such a product? By 
removing the directory, restarting Zope and adding it again?

Thanks for any advice,


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