[Zope] RE: [ANN] Epoz 0.8.1 released

Maik Jablonski maik.jablonski at uni-bielefeld.de
Mon May 10 08:10:59 EDT 2004

Michael Forster wrote:
>> - Now the setup for getting relative urls from Epoz is much more
>> easier: There's a default EpozPostTidy.py in Epoz/Extensions which
>> can be used out of the box. [...]
> The pretty printer seems to be too aggressive when removing spaces:
>     this & that
>     --> this&that
>     some <a href="..">other</a> page
>     --> some<a href="..">other</a>page

Ughh... maybe someone can figure out, how to write a besser EpozPostTidy.py.
I'll donate a big cookie for that one...:)

Just a quick fix:

Change Epoz/Extensions/EpozPostTidy.py, line 47


   self.res += data.strip()


   self.res += data

Cheers, Maik

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