[Zope] FTP Gateway/Proxy for Zope

Florian Schulze florian.proff.schulze at gmx.net
Mon May 10 10:24:22 EDT 2004


I have the following wishes and can't find a tool which can do it for me.

1. Virtual Hosts
2. Port Forwarding
3. Path rewriting for different roots depending on host and/or user
4. Active FTP -> Passive FTP and Passive FTP -> Active FTP
5. All of this transparently
6. Has to work under Linux

An example:
   Client connects with active FTP to ftp://www.myhost.com which is  
redirected to ftp://localhost:8021/www_myhost_com with passive FTP (Zope).  
Another host might be redirected to another FTP server on localhost with  
another port and root directory.

Could someone recommend a tool for this? If not, then I have to write it  
myself. I thought about doing it with twisted. On which other newsgroups  
could I post this?

Thanks and regards,
Florian Schulze

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