[Zope] NT User Authentication

Erik Myllymaki erik.myllymaki at aviawest.com
Mon May 10 13:51:07 EDT 2004

Erik Myllymaki wrote:

> Chris Withers wrote:
>> Erik Myllymaki wrote:
>>> the PDC and zopeserver are on the same switch.
>> What userfolder are you using?
>> Chris
> exUserFolder.

I have *extended* smbAuthSource.py form exUserFolder. I have a function 
getNTUserRoles(username) that takes a username and returns the list of  
groups that user belongs to in the NT DOMAIN. I add this to the roles 
list, and now, by simply adding a local role (with the same name as the 
NT group) to an object, all NT users in that group can immediately 
access this object.

    def listOneUser(self, username):
        if self.currentPropSource:
key='_roles', default=[])
        roles = roles + getNTUserRoles(username)
        if not roles:
            roles=[] # make sure it's a list...

        username = string.lower(username)

             "listOneUser returning {username: '%s', password: '', 
roles: %s}" % (username, roles)
        return [{'username':username, 'password':'', 'roles':roles},]

I don't understand why this function seems to be called once for every 
object on the page? Seems very ineffifcient. It is quite slow. Maybe I 
should install Zope on a BDC...

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