[Zope] Incorrect login message

Marnie King marnie.king at abs.gov.au
Mon May 10 18:17:48 EDT 2004

I originally wrote the following:


I am using Zope with Apache and have created a test folder under the Root
Folder.  In this test folder I removed the original acl_users and added an
exUserFolder and enabled secure cookie-based authentication.

When I attempt to access this test folder through a browser window, it comes up
with the session based login box which is all ok. The problem I'm having is that
if I put in an incorrect username / password, it then comes up with a second
login screen (Windows)and is asking for authentication again.

Why does it do this.  I just want it to say that it is an incorrect login. Can
this be achieved??


Question 1  -->  I got a response saying that maybe the "you are not
authenticated" page is not viewable by anonymous users.  I'm unable to find this
page anywhere.  Can someone let me know where this page can be found?  It is not
with the Login or Logout pages.... should it be??

Any help will be appreciated.


ABS Web Site:  www.abs.gov.au

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