[Zope] zope + apache2 + ssl with cgi

William Herring william.herring at spgenetics.com
Mon May 10 22:50:41 EDT 2004

I have placed the Zope.cgi into cgi-bin of apache2.  At this point, I
believe I should be able to go to:


I get a server error:  'Premature end of script headers: Zope.cgi'

Any suggestions?

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William Herring wrote:

> Have the configuration directives changed for using Zope + ssl with Apache
> 2?  I have followed the directions provided in the provided in the
> WEBSERVERS.txt documentation, but they appear to be the same as for
> Apache1.3.

I dunno what WEBSERVERS.TXT but a VHM and a rewrite rule do fine for me with
Apache 2.


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